Hui Mao

Master of Philosophy (MPhil), HKUST
I am looking for a PhD position

Recently, I got sick, sorry for cannot reply Email timely.

Email: hmaoaa AT ust DOT hk


My research interests lie in the areas of multimedia data mining and statistical machine learning. I am pretty much interested in building practical and innovative multimedia systems to solve real-world problems. I am recently interested in solving domian specific problems by combining deep neural network and domian knowledge.

When I was not around UST, I relax myself by hiking, taking photographs and traveling. I am also very interested in quantitative trading and did interships at some hedge funds.


ELEC4170: Digital Media and Multimedia Applications (Fall 2017)

ELEC4120: IP Network (Spring 2017)


Google Scholar

JiQing Wen, James She, XiaoPeng Li, Hui Mao, "Visual Background Recommendation for Dance Performances Using Deep Matrix Factorization" ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM), 2017.


Hui Mao, Ming Cheung, James She, "DeepArt: Learning Joint Representations of Visual Arts" ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM), 2017. (Oral, ~7.5%)



HKUST Postgraduate Studentship (PGS), 2016, 2017

SDU EE Department Scholarship, 2012



"AI for arts and design", Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong, Oct 2017
"DeepArt: Learning Joint Representations of Visual Arts", Computer History Museum, Mountain View, USA, Oct 2017

Journal Reviewer:

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM) 2016, 2017

Conference Reviewer/External Reviewer:

CHI 2017


Blogs: deeplearning, statlearn, SCISS, Math1, Math2

Videos: Your body language shapes who you are, TED's secret to great public speaking

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